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AMD goes from strength-to-strength
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Bulldozer seems like a lifetime ago. In 2011, AMD’s line of CPUs was universally hated, and often cited as almost destroying the business entirely. False advertising marred the business, with AMD having to pay out over 1.21 million dollars after a class-action lawsuit. With a string of failures behind them, AMD needed to innovate, to possible claw background where the market share was lost.
Enter Ryzen, which entered the ring in 2016, since then, we can ascertain from the Steam Hardware Survey that penetration for people who have partaken in the survey account for 30.96% of all users on Steam, steadily gaining on Intel’s market dominance. Now, this data has been corroborated by Mercury Research, which attests to the penetration of 25.6% of the x86 processor market, a record-breaking number for AMD.
The x86 market encompasses shipments of CPUs, for desktops, mobile and games consoles. Notably, consoles such as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are all using AMD’s own silicon to power their chips. With these consoles consistently selling out to the point where we’ve even had to build a hub for restocks all unto themselves.
We previously covered this in their financial report, where AMD showed ‘strong demand’ for Ryzen, and an impending launch of their AM5 Ryzen 7000 processors, in tandem with 6000-series CPUs that should see AMD strike at the heart of Intel with their new processes, which should be officially unveiled in a manner of weeks.
With a whole new platform launching, and Intel striking back with their latest processors, it remains to be seen as to whether AMD will be able to maintain pricing of their current stack, the 5000 series which is slightly more expensive than the Ryzen 3000 series launched at. Now, they look to bring back Zen 2 for 4000 processors to compete on the lower-end with Intel’s Alder Lake systems.
Whether they can continue to light a fire under Intel, who has previously been known for stagnation until Alder Lake arrived on scene, means that fiercer competition is on the way, but regardless, AMD is looking to go from strength to strength, and with this upcoming product stack, they’re looking to keep bringing the heat, and we can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.
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