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Discord is among the world’s most popular communication apps, especially among gamers. Like anything else, though, it will go down from time to time. Is Discord down right now? Let’s go over the process for the quickest and easiest way to check the server status. That way regardless of what’s going on, you should be able to see if the problem is just you, or something more widespread.
The best and quickest way to see if Discord is down is to visit the official Discord Status page. Even if the app and site are down, the Status page will be updated frequently to keep users up to date on what is going on.
If something is wrong, for example, if you were visiting this page on Mar. 8, 2022, you’d see some messages that look like this:
You can check back whenever you want to see what the latest update is. If that’s too much to remember, you can also follow Discord on Twitter, and the team will let you know there as well, just maybe not as quickly as the Server Status page would.
If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, the Discord Server Status page will also give you some more specific details about what part of the app exactly is down, for example, the API and its historical up and downtime.
If everything seems normal on Discord’s end according to the Server Status page, you might want to consider checking your own internet connection as that is the second most likely reason as to why you’re not able to access the app.
That’s all you need to know about whether Discord is down right now. We’ll update this page whenever there’s a major outage, but in the meantime, consider giving Discord on Twitter a follow and bookmarking that Server Status page.
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