Warframe Update 31.2.0 Makes Some Changes to Garuda and Fixes Several Issues – Player.One

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The developers of Warframe have recently released an update that added new content and bug fixes. Update 31.2.0 brings new daily and weekly acts and new rewards like Dual Swords Stavika Skin and Liset Domestik Drone.
Garuda Ability Changes 
Garuda, the gore queen, is one of the warframes players can acquire using blueprints and she received some changes in this update.
Starting with her passive, now upon getting kills or assists, the damage increases from 5% up to 100% and drains by 1% every two seconds. Players can extend the duration for five seconds by getting more kills. It might sound confusing, but there is a new UI on the bottom of the screen that will help players keep track of her passive.
Garuda’s ability, the Seeking Talons, have also received some changes. The base damage has been doubled to 300 from 150, and the best part is that this ability can be charged while sprinting. This change is good because the game is fast-paced, and charging this ability usually leaves the player vulnerable.
You can read more about the update here.




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