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Alright. Hear me out. This is my first time writing an article on NFTs and I could sound like a total noob. Anyways, according to what I’ve seen so far, here are the best ways to get into Pixelmon NFT Discord Server.
Pixelmon NFT devs have a separate Twitter account for dropping Pixelmon Discord server links. Follow them there and every now and then they drop their server invites. Here’s what you need to do –
Find below the timestamps for the last 5 Pixelmon Discord server invites –
So, you get the gist of it. The team finds creative ideas to drop invites and you need to be a degen like all of us, ready to act as soon as you hear the notification chime.
Now, this one’s a really tough nut to crack. I’ve participated in a dozen giveaways so far, and haven’t won in a single one. I’m an unlucky person and I know that. But you can try out your luck. After all, it’s free.
The last Pixelmon Discord server invite giveaway was at 4:07 pm EST | January 18. The official Pixelmon Twitter did the giveaway as they hit 100K followers. Another one was by YamatoGodx at 11:05 pm EST | January 18 for a single invite.
Keep in mind not all giveaways will be legit and many smaller accounts will host these to gain free clout, followers, and engagement. Make sure the giveaway hosts have a decent amount of followers or are well-known in the NFT space.
We’ve started a small Twitter page called spielnft (click here). The NFT space has got my attention and for the past week, I haven’t been sleeping, walking, or even moving around. (not a good thing, but oh well) I’m constantly researching new NFTs, collections, groups, the next moonshot, and much more. If you want to join the community and get an invite to our Discord (100 slots only, for now) earlier than anyone, make sure you follow us there.
🚀 Happy Minting!

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