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Where suit?
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The Warframe Prime Resurgence Rotation 7 is out now, and players are looking to spend their Christmas funds on new and comfy skins. The new Prime Resurgence rotation features Nikana Prime, Saryn Prime, Spira Prime, Salta Prime and more. While these are all fine and dandy, it appears the Warframe Salta Prime Operator suit is not working as intended.
Digital Extreme’s Community Manager, Rebecca Ford, wrote a post on the Warframe forums detailing the Warframe Salta Prime skin issue in detail. It appears that many players who buy the Salta Prime Suit from the Prime Rotation are finding they get two copies of the Prime’s helmet and not receiving the actual suit.
As it stands, Digital Extremes are currently working on a fix for the issue. The devs hope to have it done before the Salta Prime skins reappear in the Last Chance week of the event, currently scheduled for January 11 and January 18.
If you are interested in grabbing Warframe’s Salta Prime Operator suit, then you may want to wait a little longer. Alternatively, grab it while you can, and you’ll get your Operator suit before the Warfame Prime Resurgence rotations come to an end. The Salta Prime suit will get its hotfix within the next week, as the Digital Extremes team is currently off work to celebrate the Christmas and New Year break.
If you’re in the market for the skin now, do be aware some players in the blog post reported they did get their suit. It appears there’s a chance your order may work as normal, but it’s highly likely you will need to wait until after New Year.
We recommend checking out the official Forum post here and catching up on the issue for more information.
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson

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