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GTA 5’s Director Mode grants you greater control over the game, and here’s how you can use this fun feature.
GTA 5 has a ton of fun content for fans to enjoy and the Director Mode grants you greater control over the game so that you play more creatively. Here’s how you can use the Director Mode.

GTA VI still hasn’t been announced yet, but GTA 5 still has plenty for players to do, including completing missions, finding collectibles, and causing mayhem. The game also has other features to make things more interesting.
The Director Mode gives you more control over the game so that you can do things like change the time of day, change your wanted level, fast travel, and jump higher. This lets you get more creative when you play.
Here’s everything you need to know about GTA 5’s Director Mode.
When you use the Director Mode in GTA 5, you can play as any character in the game, including the various different NPCs that you encounter in Los Santos. Entering this mode is fairly easy.
Here’s how you can access the Director Mode:
You can get back to the main game by opening up the Interaction Menu again. It’s worth noting that you can’t enter Director Mode from certain locations or if you’re inside a vehicle. You must also make sure you don’t have a wanted level.
Once you’re in the Director Mode, you can do many fun things like changing the weather or time of day, controlling your wanted level, super jumping, firing explosive bullets, becoming invincible, and much more.
You have the option to play as various different story characters, NPCs, and even animals. You can also shortlist actors while in the trailer so that you can instantly change between them while playing.
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Image Credit: Rockstar

Mysterious red and blue lines have appeared on the Fortnite map in Chapter 2, Season 3, so what do they mean?
Fortnite Chapter 3 is here, making the shocking decision to remove the building mechanic from the game. But players have also spotted red and blue lines on Fortnite’s map, so what do these lines mean?

As the war between the Imagined Order and The Seven rages on, Fortnite players have been treated to plenty of new mechanics with the Chapter 3, Season 2 update. With building removed, Fortnite players can now sprint and parkour the way around the map, which has also undergone change.
Alongside new POIs and Airships filling the skies, players have been left baffled by the red and blue lines that circle areas of the map. Here’s what these red and blue lines mean, and what you can find inside of them.
You’ll be able to spot red and blue lines circling areas of the Season 2 map, but what do they mean? The red lines contain IO-controlled areas and everything inside the blue lines are controlled by the Resistance, or The Seven.
Basically, NPCs found inside the IO areas will be hostile, and NPCs found inside the blue zones will be friendly. There will also be items, vehicles, and locations specific to the red and blue areas.
There’s good reason to visit both blue and red zones in Fortnite Season 2, as each area will have different, but equally powerful items.
Here’s what you can find inside both Fortnite’s red and blue areas:
How these red and blue areas will affect the rest of Season 2 remains to be seen, but it’s especially worth knowing what’s included in each zone when completing the weekly challenges.
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Image Credit: Epic Games
Apex Legends Mobile is having a pretty rough start as it seems cheaters are already running wild on the platform.
Apex Legends players on the Mobile version of the battle royale are already having their experience ruined by cheaters will wallhacks and aimbot.

Despite not even being officially launched worldwide, Apex Legends Mobile seems to be having some issues with cheaters already.
Respawn‘s mobile version of their incredibly popular battle royale game has no doubt impressed players with their vision for “mobile-first Legends” and exclusive game modes.
However, it seems they have big issues to deal with before they get ahead of themselves.
Cheaters and hackers are an issue in most battle royale games across all platforms, ruining the experience for those who love to play the game fairly through the use of wallhacks and aimbots.
On console and PC, Apex has suffered greatly throughout the years with both hackers and cheaters. It’s not just players teaming in ranked lobbies that’s a rampant issue, it’s also players using hacking software to gain an unfair advantage, especially on PC.
Unfortunately, it seems this issue is also going to be prominent in Apex Legends Mobile, as Reddit user HamadKx highlighted the issue with a post in the Apex Legends subreddit.
In the post, the user shows a video of a hacker in Apex Legends Mobile, eliminating enemies effortlessly through walls with aimbot and possibly wallhacks. This may not come as much of a surprise to those who are familiar with Mobile games, as hackers seem to be just as prevalent on mobile as they are on PC.
However, it does seem that the issue is affecting the hype for Apex on Mobile, with the caption of the post reading: “I think my excitement ends here for Apex Legends Mobile.”
It could get even worse for those on Apex Mobile, as another user in the comments stated: “You can actually emulate a mobile on your PC so you may encounter players with keyboard and mouse while you’re trying to aim in your potatophone.”
Hopefully, the devs working on Apex Legends Mobile have plans in place to combat the hackers and cheaters, as it does seem to be a big worry for the community.
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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment
Ultimate Team players are in for a brand-new FIFA 22 promo with live upgrades to enjoy called Fantasy FUT.
The current FIFA 22 promo may look familiar to Ultimate Team players as a new take on a classic, so here’s everything you need to know about Fantasy FUT.

The release of FUT Birthday Team 2 established it as one of the best Ultimate Team promos to hit FIFA 22 so far. As a two-week promo, FUT Birthday came to a close on March 18 which ushered in a familiar Ultimate Team promo under a new name.
FIFA 21’s What If promo is making its return to Ultimate Team under the name Fantasy FUT. While Fantasy FUT is heavily inspired by What If, it does introduce some major changes that players will be interested in.
Here’s everything you need to know about Fantasy FUT including its release date and featured players.
EA confirmed that Fantasy FUT would be coming to FIFA 22 and on March 18 players received the new promo. As with most drops, the content went live at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET.
It seems that the promo will run for two weeks which would mean Team 2 is expected to release on March 25, 2022.
FIFA 21’s What If promo saw players earn upgrades if their clubs met specific real-life criteria and according to the easy-to-understand graphic above, a similar concept will be applied to Fantasy FUT.
Of course, each featured player will receive an initial upgrade from their standard card. In addition, players will have three possible avenues to receive an upgrade:
The key detail to note concerning these upgrades is that only domestic league games will count toward the objectives and the games will be tracked as of April 1.
The players who appear in Team 1 of the promo may seem underwhelming but similar to FUT Birthday, Team 2 is expected to bring the star power. The top players you can pack from the Fantasy FUT promo are Marcus Rashford, Nani, Camavinga, and Saint-Maximin.
Here is a list of Fantasy FUT featured players:
🚨 Gabriel Martinelli is coming in Team 2 of FUT Fantasy! 🇧🇷🔴

Stats are a prediction!

He should get boosted pretty insanely! Happy, Arsenal fans? 🔥#FIFA22
Design by @DekuGFX_ 🐐
Although Fantasy FUT Team 2 isn’t due until March 25, the players set to feature in the next batch have begun to surface.
Courtesy of known FIFA leaker FUT Sheriff, here are all of the names that are expected to show up in FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT Team 2 so far:
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Image Credit: EA Sports
Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded will introduce significant changes to Ranked Play including UI improvements and new rewards.
Raven Software have revealed that Portable Buy Stations will be releasing during Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded.
Players will receive a brand-new Arms Race game mode with the Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded update and here’s everything you…
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