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With production and data being core catalyst for a digital economy, Huawei says it remains committed towards exploring green, reliable, and intelligent data infrastructure to help customers unlock the value of data.
This is even as it stated that digital transformation is a recognized way to modernize companies and move organization forward.
The Director of Huawei Nigeria Enterprise Business, Tank Li, said this during the Huawei’s IT Day during which the company presented IT technology trends, product innovations, cutting edge solutions and successful experiences from customers and partners which held in Lagos recently.
“As a leading global provider of ICT solution and services, the work we do is critical to millions of people and companies around the world, as they count on us for connectivity and technologies to change the way they operate and keep serving those in need.
“The future world is fully-connected and intelligent,” he said.
According to Li, as explosive data growth drives the maturity of the data value chain, data is playing an increasingly important role in enterprise decision-making and innovation. He however, said, this puts pressure on traditional data infrastructure.
Li said that the impact of the coronavirus outbreak has spread to all individuals and families, companies and communities across the world and from causing division and discord, the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed individuals to witness fondness and deeply felt wish to be connected with one another.
“Digital transformation is a recognized way to modernize companies and move organization forward. Intelligent computing, storage and cloud platform are the foundation for enterprise digital transformation, and the engines for enterprises to innovate services in the future”, he said.
Li thereafter said that as a leading data infrastructure provider, Huawei remains committed to exploring green, reliable, and intelligent data infrastructure to help customers unlock the value of data.
Also speaking at the event, the Chief Information Officer, Unity Bank Plc, Abba Y. Kazaure noted that the partnership between Huawei and Unity Bank Plc has being the most efficient one.
“Unity Bank believed and trusted in Huawei in handling the structured data which is fast, reliable and pocket friendly. Lots of services can be integrated without compromising security.
“From January 2020 till date, the activation made by Huawei to Unity Bank has been seamless, the marketers added that to their experience. Unity bank is not disappointed with Huawei”, Kazaure said.
According to Stanley Onyetem, vice president, Tenece Professional Services Limited – an indigenous multi-competency enterprise transformation and technology-consulting firm- , Huawei has been very supportive in helping them achieve their goals as technology marketers.
“We have been working with Huawei for the last five years. Huawei came in with a lot of benefits for us as partners as well as for our staff. Whatever the company works on, it is not only the company that gets benefits. You as sales staff also gets a benefit. That encourages most of the staff to go out and preach about Huawei.
“We have some of Huawei’s solutions deployed even in our office mostly Ideahub, enterprise servers, routers and switches. In terms of technology, Huawei has a stack that we have not even been able to cover a quarter of. 
“Of course, we face challenges in pushing out Huawei’s products because acceptability from customers is an area we need to do a whole lot of work in. Here in Nigeria, a lot of people still view Chinese brands as inferior in terms of quality. Huawei has helped greatly in that area, working with us to arrange trips to China for customers so that they can see the facilities themselves and by that, build their confidence and as soon as they come back, they start onboarding Huawei products,” he said.





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