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| Source: Web3 Project Web3 Project
New York, New York
New York, NY, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The team at The Web3 Project is pleased to announce to the crypto community that it has launched its project in an attempt to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The Web3 Project envisage a world integrated with Blockchain, where users can own their data. 

To achieve this, the Web3 Project will build a series of user-driven experience DApps. The Web3 Project comes with mystery boxes, NFT collections, online P2E games, and the Oshies Club.
The $Web3 Token
The Web3 Project has a governance token with the symbol “$Web3.” The token powers the entire ecosystem and facilitates token staking and rewards. $Web3 holders can use the token to purchase goods and services on the platform. $Web3 features a number of components, including:    
The token has a buy and sell taxes of 14% and 16% respectively.
Web3 Project Features
The Web3 Project is the world’s fastest project, rewarding users with lots of goodies every 3 seconds. In theory, this is the maximum speed any project can attain.
Higher Interest Rate
The Web3 Project offers a whopping 404,192.65% APY; by far, this is one of the highest interest rates in this space.
Maximum Security
The Web3 Project is more secure than other related projects. While other projects use EOA wallet for burn, The Web3 Project adopts a verifiable contract address for burn. Additionally, the project has auto-buyback for every sale.
More Healthy
The Web3 Project does not have a big price drop when adding liquidity pools. The Web3 Project has a special algorithm to avoid a price drop at each rebase.
Token Staking
Plans are underway for the team to create a POS staking mechanism where participants will be able to earn extra or passive governance tokens. The token process would be seamless; all you need to do is to lock your $Web3 tokens in a liquidity pool for a specific period.
The Web3 Project organizes regular giveaways and community events which you can be part of to win luxury items and prizes. You must be a member of the community to participate in an event.
About The Web3 Project
The Web3 Project is at the vanguard of GameFi, DeFi, and Social Finance. It’s a thriving community where you can stake on the DAO pool to earn $WEB3 governance token. Token holders have the opportunity to vote on the DAO. Voting on the DAO gives you the right to participate in the decision making process of the project.
The Web3 Project lets you participate in community events for profits and fun. Be part of a thriving ecosystem, where you stand a chance to enjoy highest and fastest auto-stake/compound protocol in decentralized finance.
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