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Instant invites are a great way to give your friends access to your Discord server so long as they have the link available.  Not only do instant invites make it easy to invite your friends, but they also allow you to set different parameters to control who can access your server and when and for how long they can access it.  In this guide, we’ll go over how to create and customize an instant invite on Discord.
No matter what device you’re using, inviting someone to your Discord server is more or less the same process.
That being said, we’ll show you how to do it on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.
To invite someone to a Discord channel (and server), you’ll need to have instant invite permissions. If you own the server, then you have them by default. For others, you’ll need the server owner to provide them to your role within the server.
With the proper permissions:
That’s all there is to it. Just send this link to whoever you want to invite, and once they click on the link, they’ll be able to instantly join your Discord server.
Inviting someone to a Discord server on a mobile device is nearly the same as doing so on a desktop. Just follow these steps to get started:
Once you copy the link to your clipboard, you can send it to anyone that you want to invite to your Discord server.
Discord is a great platform for communication with your friends via voice and text chat, though its interface can take some getting used to.
By following the steps listed above, you can quickly and easily invite anyone to your server on Discord.
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