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When you create a Discord server, you do so with a goal. Perhaps you’re making one for people to join and have a good time, or maybe you’re making one specifically for a virtual Dungeons and Dragons session. Discord servers are a fun, free way to gather people together virtually and have a good time. That being said, if nobody joins, then a server may be taking up space in your server column. Maybe things are getting out of hand and you need to start fresh. If you feel it’s time to disband, then you’ll need to know how to delete a Discord server.
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To delete a Discord server, go to your Discord server and click the downward arrow at the top, next to your server name. Click Server Settings Delete Server. Click the red Delete Server button once again on the warning pop-up to finish.
Deleting your Discord server removes everyone, including yourself, from the server. After that, the server is closed.
Find your Discord server from the list on the leftmost sidebar. Click it.
Click the server menu button next to your server name. This looks like a downward arrow.
From the dropdown menu, click Server Settings.
Scroll down the menu on the lefthand side until you see Delete Server; click it.
You’ll get one last final warning before your server is deleted. If you’re sure you want to delete your Discord server, click Delete Server.
If you’re on the go and don’t have access to a computer, you can always manage your Discord server using your phone. You can reply to messages, manage the user list, and more—including deleting the entire server.
Open the Discord app and tap your server icon to go to your server. Press the button at the top, above all of the server channels.
Tap Settings. In Server Settings, tap the button in the top right.
Delete Server button will appear. Press it, then enter your Discord authentication code if you have one. If not, simply press Delete.
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Can you recover a deleted Discord server?
To recover a deleted Discord server, you’ll need to send an email to from the email used to make your account.




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