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Welcome to our guide of “Playstation: How To Link Your Account To Discord?”. After months of anticipation, your PlayStation account can now be linked to Discord. Here’s all you have to know about linking them.

Discord announced the first function that PlayStation players would receive as part of their collaboration with the networking service in a blog post. The Discord users will now be enabled to link their PlayStation accounts and have their activity displayed to all of their Discord friends. This is how you do it.

⦁ Open the Discord app on your desktop, web browser, or mobile device.
⦁ Click the “User Settings” icon in the bottom left corner for Desktop or Web.
⦁ Click your profile photo in the bottom right corner if you’re on a mobile device.
⦁ Locate and open the “Connections” page once you’re in settings.
⦁ Locate and click the PlayStation logo.
⦁ To complete the connection, click the link, then log in your PS account.
If you can’t find the PlayStation logo, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the feature to be given out to you.
Although this does not guarantee if Discord will be accessible on the console, it does not rule out the possibility. We’ll keep you updated as our relationship continues to integrate new features.
So, this was our guide for “Playstation: How To Link Your Account To Discord?”. Feel free to leave a comment below if you liked our guide.

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Pokemon Go is one the most successful mobile games, but it deserves a great deal of respect away from the mobile gaming sphere also. Thanks to its augmented reality feature, gamers around the world have been gripped by what is an innovative release. Players are attending community events, taking part in a variety of Pokemon-themed Cups, and playing their part in helping the Pokemon Go community grow stronger. 
Pokemon Go isn’t the only successful release to come to the fore in recent times, but there is no doubting the overall impact it has had on mobile gaming as a whole. The game even became the fastest mobile title to earn $100 million when it was first released back in 2016. Of course, other popular games, like Among Us, Candy Crush Saga and titles like Bouncy Balls and some of Eyecon’s other casino games, have registered success also, but none of them has created a dedicated and loyal community of gamers like Pokemon Go has. The game has helped create YouTubers who specifically spend their time playing it on a daily basis, it has enabled online communities to debate new Pokemon and share tips, and it has even been played by celebrities like Tyra Banks and John Mayer. Put simply, the game’s developers, Niantic, have absolutely nailed it. 
With Pokemon Go still pulling in large numbers and being one of the go-to games for many mobile gamers in 2022, there is a strong argument to suggest that it is the most impactful smartphone gaming release ever. In fact, when assessing the game’s all-round offering, it’s potentially the best mobile game ever made. Here’s why below. 
A unique augmented reality experience 
First and foremost, Pokemon Go’s augmented reality feature is unrivalled. Augmented reality titles have come and gone since, much like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but Pokemon Go has remained the same and continued to thrive. The game is truly amazing when you really think about it, with players able to immerse themselves in nature as they embark on a variety of Pokemon-themed adventures. You can take down gyms in your local area, trade Pokemon with friends, fill up your Pokedex with a solid hunting session in a local park, and even hatch eggs while on the bus. No other mobile games provide such a unique gaming package overall. Players have to get out and about instead of sitting on a sofa and staying indoors. Of course, not everyone wants to brave the elements when playing a game, but there is no doubting that there is nothing quite like Pokemon Go. The fact that the game can be enjoyed on a miniature smartphone device makes it even more impressive. 
You can actually get fit playing it 
In the modern world, playing too many games and essentially feeding a sedentary lifestyle is a concern for many. On the whole, people need to exercise and be more active in their daily lives. With this in mind, most mobile games don’t combat the issue. Pokemon Go, on the other hand, can only be played while out and about, encouraging physical activity in the process and bucking the trend when compared to other gaming products. People can walk large distances in an attempt to hatch eggs or take down a selection of gyms while also having to hunt specific areas to find a desired Pokemon. 
Social interaction 
Another reason why Pokemon Go is such an incredible game is because of its social aspect. For introverts, for example, the game involves people having to go outside and potentially meet like-minded players in the process. Other games don’t offer that.

Welcome to our guide of “Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Where Are Omni Chips Located?”. Omni Chips are the new variant of collectible in Fortnite, and there are 2 methods to earn them. The first is to accomplish weekly Season Fortnite Tasks, which unlock chips as you defeat them, and the other is to find them on the island and run through them to collect them. That’s what we’ll be covering here, so keep reading to find out where you can get Fortnite Omni Chips and which Omni Sword types you can get with them.

The Greasy Grove, the LogJam Lumberyard, and the Mighty Monument hold the first batch of Fortnite Omni Chips, which you can obtain by exploring the following sites:
In Greasy Grove
⦁ Beside the condiments counter within the Tacos Restaurant
⦁ On the pedestrian crossing in the center
⦁ To the south, within a covered seating zone

In LogJam Lumberyard
⦁ To the Southwest side of the main building, between timber stacks
⦁ In a ground-floor room beneath the main building’s stairwell
⦁ To the west side of central barn, by several planks

In Mighty Monument
⦁ On the Wooden dock at the island’s southwest side
⦁ To the north side of the island, beneath the massive stone slab
⦁ To the southeast part of the island, on a sand dune
So, this was our guide “Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Where Are Omni Chips Located?”. Please leave a comment below!

Welcome to our guide of “Triangle Strategy: What Are The Best Tips To Play The Hard Mode?”. For those seeking a more difficult challenge, this game’s hard mode might be quite difficult. Thus, putting even the most dedicated tactical RPG experts to the test. Because the difficulties of hard mode may throw the inexperienced off guard. Here are some ideas to assist you get through it.

Allowing adversaries to approach you rather than charging forward. This tactic allows you to deal with large groups of enemies in a far more controllable manner. When moving forward, particularly with one unit, one runs the danger of being rapidly overwhelmed. Mainly because of the Hard Mode’s highly destructive foes. Also, while some sections may let a player to divide their deployed units between two zones. It is strongly advised to maintain your units intact. As this allows for easier scenario adaptation, unit healing, and enemy encirclement.

The option to spend Kudos on numerous Quietuses is one of the most appealing aspects of collecting Kudos in Triangle Strategy. While each chapter has a limited quantity of Quietus Points available, once a Quietus choice has been bought using Kudos, it can be used for the duration of the game. In Hard Mode, it’s critical to make the most of every item at your disposal and use every advantage you can, especially since several Quietus choices are rather potent. Whilst the Rejuvenate Quietus ability can be used to resurrect a fallen friend, the In Tandem choice is not only more cost-effective, but it can practically double a unit’s damage output as well as utility in a single turn.

Serenoa is a very aggressive melee attack dealer capable of receiving a hit. His damage output & endurance are good, but Delaying Strike is one of Serenoa’s main draws in Hard Mode. Delaying Strike is an instantly available skill that should be used early in Chapter One. While the adversaries during hard mode are more powerful than those in other settings, a player can easily defeat a vital target by delaying their strike and killing them before they could act.
We hope you liked our guide “Triangle Strategy: What Are The Best Tips To Play The Hard Mode?”. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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