Accomplished Artist, Visbii, Launches Revolutionary, Socially Conscious NFT Collection – Yahoo Finance

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The most anticipated and celebrated artist entering the NFTverse this year. Created to bridge the gap between art, utility, and charity.
Amber Day Visbii
BANDUNG, Indonesia, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amber Day, the creator of Visbii, has teamed up with NFT studio Odd One Out Labs to create The Humanians, a socially conscious NFT collection born on the Ethereum Blockchain, exploding into the NFTverse with a rapidly growing Twitter and Discord community and gearing up to launch end of April 2022.
The world of Humania was conceived to be an active force in bringing awareness to the lack of human diversity and the unrealistic self-image expectations in social and mainstream media as well as how this has impacted people's mental health, especially the younger generation who are spending an increasing amount of time online.
Amber worked primarily as an art director before a motorcycle accident changed her life perspective, culminating in a passion for the creative process and a drive to pursue art with a deeper meaning and social significance. "I've always viewed art as an extension of the artist, a window into their messy minds, and a chance to show people how the world looks through a new perspective," she says; she is forever exploring her inner world of emotions, mental states, hardships, struggles, and the possibilities of healing through art.
The Humanians – Gearing up to be one of the top NFTs to mint in 2022.
"The idea of body form has always fascinated me, and I believe the work I create is my way of exploring and seeing just how far I can push the boundaries of what society deems as normal," says Amber.
With a client list and press coverage that includes everyone from the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, GQ to Women's Wear Daily, Amber's worldly perspective is seen in the style and proportions of the characters she creates. Amber uses vibrant illustrations with huge personalities, unique shapes and the beautiful quirks of the human physical body to create an extraordinary and inclusive world that has been coined – Humania – and it's getting ready to mint at the end of April 2022.
"Holding a Humanian NFT is not a flex on wealth, but a flex on our humanity. It is a flex for all the people who care for others on this wonderful planet we call home," states Amber Day.
It's all about real-world utility with a great roadmap that delivers real value to its holders and community, as Amber says: "Humania empowers everyone to make a difference both offline and online. We are teaming up internationally with charities and foundations, raising awareness and helping those who've been affected by Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and other mental health issues."
20% of mint sales and secondary sales will be donated to The Body Dysmorphic Foundation and The Be Well Collective, as well as various other causes of The Humanian's community NFT holder's choice. Paving the way to bring real impact to the NFT space and community.
"Humania empowers its community to make a difference in the digital world as well as the real world," says Amber.
"My obsession has led me around the world in search of true makers and shakers in their industry; teaming up with the dynamic team from Odd One Out Labs, we joined forces to launch a unique illustrated project created to combat body perfectionism, inspire self-discovery, acceptance and encourage artists, creators, and society to embrace their own humanity," states Amber.
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Amber Day Visbii

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