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Bruno “Nobru” Goes is a Brazilian professional Free Fire player who is a well-known figure in the community worldwide. He was named the MVP for his performance at the first Free Fire World Series in 2019, as he led his side Corinthians to victory.
Additionally, the gamer runs a popular YouTube channel, Nobru, where he often uploads clips of his gameplay. Bruno has more than 13.3 million subscribers and 13.1 million Instagram followers, displaying his popularity.
Nobru’s Free Fire MAX ID is 228159683. His stats within the game as of 25 March 2022 are as follows:
Nobru has participated in 11877 squad games and attained 2469 Booyahs at a win rate of 20.78%. He has recorded 29633 kills, securing a K/D ratio of 3.15.
The professional player has played 2780 duo games and has triumphed 407 times, maintaining a win ratio of 14.64%. With 9114 frags, he has retained a kill-to-death ratio of 3.84.
Bruno has made 4993 appearances in solo matches and bettered his opposition 751 times, acquiring a win percentage of 15.04%. He has bagged 20278 eliminations, attributing to a K/D ratio of 4.78.
The streamer has participated in six squad games this season but is yet to achieve a win. He has notched 19 frags, corresponding to a K/D ratio of 3.17.
The YouTuber has also attained two kills in three ranked duo matches for a K/D ratio of 0.67.
The internet star has competed in 62 solo games and achieved first place on eight occasions, adding a win ratio of 12.90%. He has secured 266 kills, maintaining a K/D ratio of 4.93.
Note: Nobru’s Free Fire MAX stats are subject to change.
Players can join Nobru’s Discord server through this link.
Social Blade estimates Nobru’s monthly earnings through the YouTube channel to be between $1.5K and $23.4K. Based on the current viewership, the website also reports the yearly earnings within $17.6K and $281.2K.
Nobru started uploading videos on the channel in December 2018 and accomplished the coveted 1 million subscriber mark within a year. Winning tournaments contributed to his popularity among fans.
The pro has churned out more than 740 videos with over 882 million views. He accumulated 5.858 million views in the previous month.

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