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Bad news for some MekaVerse Discord members as they become the latest victims in yet another server “hack”. The MekaVerse team alerted its community about the hack on Twitter yesterday, as it fought to get control back of its server. Earlier today, it followed up with a short Twitter thread on how its Discord server became compromised, and what the next steps are.
What was meant to be a celebratory day for the MekaVerse community has turned into an NFT collector’s worst nightmare. That is to say, today was the planned reveal date for MekaVerse’s new collection, MekaBots. However, the MekaVerse team announced that it would have to postpone the reveal due to the Discord hack. At this time, they have not confirmed when the reveal will actually take place.
The short Twitter thread from the MekaVerse team explained exactly how the Discord hack took place. The first tweet in the thread called back to a Jan. 22 tweet from Twitter user @SerpentAU. Basically, that thread describes the specific social engineering attack that MekaVerse suffered this time around. The MekaVerse thread then sums up how the Discord hack works.
“As specified on the thread above, the first target to get compromised was one of our mods. Then the hacker have lured one of our head moderator who has access to important discord modification roles [sic].”
The thread goes on, “Thanks to these roles, he was able to block and delete all the discussion channels, change our own roles, and was able to pretend to be one of our discord admin. It’s social engineering and phishing.”
To be sure, a number of savvy Twitter users dissect and explain these Discord server hacks every time they happen. And yet, it feels like there’s a constant stream of major NFT collections suffering from this kind of Discord hack. To illustrate, Rare Bears is one such project whose Discord recently got compromised.
As some unfortunate MekaVerse Discord members just discovered, these hacks can be absolutely devastating. People connecting wallets with high-value assets in them to phishing sites are more likely than not to lost those NFTs permanently.
Sadly, it doesn’t seem like these Discord hacks are any less common than they were several months ago. As a result, it’s incredibly important for NFT holders to take ownership of their wallet security, and adhere to safe practices on Discord. After all, in the unregulated world of Web3, loss prevention is your only hope to securing your digital assets.
We’ve written articles covering some basics of how to avoid Discord scams like the ones MekaVerse is now dealing with. Both as an NFT holder, and as an NFT creator.
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