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Building things and decorating them is one of the most amusing things to do in Minecraft. Players often create replicas of real-life buildings and houses. Sadly, when it comes to the interior, there’s no actual furniture to use except beds in Vanilla Minecraft.
Over the years, players have found multiple build hacks to create furniture with the help of slabs, trap doors, and a few other items.
Since players have been craving furniture for so long and the developers have not added them, the Minecraft community created quite a few mods.
With over thirty-one million downloads on the official CurseForge website, MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod is arguably one of the best, if not the best, furniture mods available for Minecraft 1.17.

This mod adds more than eighty different pieces of furniture to Minecraft, and quite a few of them are functional. These furniture items can be used anywhere inside a house, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and living room.
However, if players install the mod and do not find all the furniture items listed on the official site, that could be because the latest version (7.0) is currently under development. Hence, it does not contain all items.

By following the steps given below, MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod can be installed on computers with Minecraft Java Edition:
Step 1: Download and install forge for Minecraft from here. Players need to ensure that Minecraft has been played at least once on their computer.
Step 2: Open the downloaded forge installer and click on ok with install client selected.
Step 3: Open the Minecraft launcher and select the forge installation once the forge has been installed. Launch the game once and then close it.
Step 4: Download MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod from here and move it to the mods folder present in the application data folder of Minecraft. Players can access it by pressing WIN + R and typing “%appdata%/.minecraft”.
The mod has now been installed, and players can now enjoy and build things with custom furniture.
Note: This article reflects the author’s views.

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