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The queen of blood.
Garuda is the queen of blood, and her Prime form is available to all players who wish to get it. It can be farmed just by playing the game, although players who don’t wish to wait can get it by purchasing the Prime Access pack.
In this guide, we will show you how to get your hands on the Garuda Prime Relics, and the best places to farm for them throughout the game.
The critical thing about farming for Garuda Prime Relics is knowing what relics you need. The following Relics contain the various components you need to build Harrow Prime and the rarity of the component.
You can earn various Relic types by doing different activities. These are some of the best activities, in my opinion, to earn each type of Relic.
Once you have them all collected, take your Relics into Void Fissure missions through the main Navigation screen to open them. It shouldn’t take you long to track down all the Relics you need to get Garuda Prime. Don’t forget to go to the recruiting tab in the chat and find groups that are trying to open the Relics to find the same pieces you are, as it will dramatically cut down on your farming time when opening them. This is especially useful when trying to unlock the rarer components, as everyone in the group can run the same Relic infused to the best level.

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