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Experience points (XP) are vital in Minecraft for a multitude of reasons, so it never hurts to have a steady supply of them.
There are a ton of ways to collect experience points in the game. However, the most reliable method involves setting up a farm.
Many of these farms work automatically without much (or any) player input. This means players can simply carry out their tasks and return to the farm to collect the accrued experience points.
However, it’s important to note that different farms yield different amounts of experience points.
Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer
These are the 5 best XP farms in Minecraft:
Kelp is an easy-to-access material in Minecraft since it grows rampantly in bodies of water.
Some players may also be aware that it can be dried in a furnace or smoked into dried kelp, which can serve as a food item. Though dried kelp can be eaten, it can also be used as fuel.
This presents an excellent opportunity to farm experience points since players receive a small amount of XP whenever they create dried kelp.
Kelp XP farms can come in many different forms, but they all utilize the same basic principle. Kelp goes into a furnace. It is smelted and turned into dried kelp. It is then placed back into the furnace as fuel.
As long as players have enough kelp feeding into the farm, they will have a steady source of XP.
Fishing yields fish, treasure, and experience rewards in Minecraft. AFK fish farms allow players to collect all three of these without any input.
Many of these farms can admittedly be a little material-intensive, as many designs require name tags. However, they’re incredibly effective.
As long as players are on single-player or LAN worlds (as well as online servers that have their idle timeout disabled), they’ll be able to rack up a lot of experience points.
Killing mobs is a guaranteed source of experience points. This can be amplified by finding a mob spawner block in Minecraft.
Once a spawner block has been surrounded by a high light level, players can begin to build a spawner around the block. Then, by flooding the floor of the spawn area, players can create a constant stream of XP. They can do this by allowing the spawner block to create mobs before they float off to their doom.
The biggest issue with these farms is acquiring a mob spawner. It can’t be harvested with tools in vanilla Minecraft and requires commands to actually be placed in one’s inventory.
This leaves players with two options: build the farm around a natural spawner block or enable cheats to use commands.
For most of Minecraft’s history, players have been able to farm hostile mobs by creating a large area (usually a tower) where they spawn and fall to their deaths.
After the reworking of hostile mob spawning in the Caves & Cliffs update, players can still create a mob farm in this fashion. However, the design has somewhat changed.
After the update, the tower allows for more open space and features a large amount of flowing water. The mobs now float and fall to the bottom of the spawner, where they can be bottlenecked onto harmful blocks such as campfires or magma blocks.
The Minecraft 1.18 designs may look different, but they provide the same great benefits.
Cactus/bamboo XP farms are easy to build and provide a lot of Minecraft experience points in Minecraft. They can be built in a short period of time and provide XP indefinitely.
All players need to do is build it, activate it, and watch as a huge number of experience points are made available.
The only real downside to this machine is that it makes quite a bit of noise as it works, so be sure to pick the right building site for it.
Many players have attempted to solve the classic design’s sound problem and have improved upon it. So it’s worth looking into different forms of cactus/bamboo farms to see which works best for the player.

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