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Axolotls are a rare passive mob that players can encounter when exploring lush caves within Minecraft. Axolotls were added to the Caves and Cliffs update, and since then, players have been hard at work attempting to breed the rarest kind of axolotl: the blue axolotl.
These mobs have a 1/1200 chance of spawning. However, this does not deter some players from looking for an easier way to obtain this rare mob.

Players can try to get a blue axolotl in a few different ways, but no matter what they do, without using a console command to spawn the axolotl, there will be only a 1/1200 chance of it being blue.
Players can get a blue axolotl from breeding them, finding one naturally, or by using spawn eggs. By far the easiest way, however, is by enabling cheats and using console commands to spawn a blue one.

There are a few steps that players need to follow in order to guarantee the spawning of a blue axolotl. Here are the steps that players should follow in order to spawn one in Minecraft:
Once players have enabled cheats, they should be able to open the chat window. With the chat window open, players should type in the following console command exactly as it appears:
/summon axolotl ~~~ minecraft:entity_born
Players will want to ensure they put spaces between “axolotl” and the “~~~” symbols as well as “minecraft” because if they do not put spaces there, the command will not work.

If players execute the command correctly, the game will display a message saying the entity has been spawned. Players should then look around for a baby blue axolotl.
They should see one very close by.
Players can enter this code as many times as they want to get as many blue axolotls as they wish.

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