Bellscord MC Information Page




Our discord server tracks and managers the Minecraft Server, which means that admins and users can interact with the server from the discord without being in the game. Join our discord server to find the following channels:

Dynamic Map

View bases or players on the map live.

Opens in a new tab.


Auction House (Command /ah)

Using Auction House you can Trade items with other players for the price you decide.

ShopGui (Command /shop)

Using the Shop you can buy essential items, however not all survival items have been added to keep the survival experience.


General Commands:

/help - For all help commands

/shop - View server store

/sethome - Set your spawn point

/home - Teleport to the spawn point that you set

/tpa [user] - Teleport to your friends. (Make sure your friends use /tpaccept)

/tpaccept - Accept teleportation request

/ah - Open auction house interface

Bank Commands:

/bank withdraw - /bank deposit - /bank balance

/balance - View your own balance

/balancetop - View rich players on the server.

Land Claim:

/gd help - View all claim help

/claim - Open claim system (Claim using right and left click.)

Bellscord is the Best Discord Server and hosts the Best Minecraft Server in 2022 because of it's amazing sync between Discord and Minecraft allowing users to not be in the game but interact from Discord on their Computer or their Mobile Devices. Bellscord Minecraft also features Survival, PVP, Raiding, Economy, Shop, Auction House, Anti-Grief, Land Claiming and all the systems on the Minecraft Server uses Premium or Custom made plugins for a smoother user experience. Bellscord Minecraft runs on a powerful Dedicated Server, which means more power and in an event of a brute force, it will likely be unsuccessful with all of the systems put in place and the power of the dedicated system. Join Bellscord Minecraft server, the Best Minecraft Server of 2022.